When you think of celebrities, you think of glamour, enviable lifestyles and beautiful people. In most cases it’s true.

But sometimes celebrities surprise us all and marry up with partners who are, shall we say, not quite in their league.

Here we present a lighthearted list of the top celebrities who traded down and partnered up with ugly significant others!

Pierce Brosnan And Keely Shaye Smith

One of the best James Bonds, Pierce Brosnan is famous for his classically handsome rugged good looks and charm. The handsome Irishman could have picked virtually any woman he wanted, so the world was shocked when he married Keely Shaye Smith, who is simply not in the same looks league as the dashing Irish actor.

The couple met in 1994 and are still together in 2017 – an incredible feat given the amount of temptation Brosnan must have experienced.

He’s a rock solid guy seemingly, and stated in numerous interviews that he only has eyes for Keely and is blissfully happy.

They have 2 children together, who both seem to have inherited 007’s looks.