Designboom gives us the first look at the new Wider 130 yacht made by Wider Design from Italy. It has accommodations for up to 12 people in six cabins and three cabins for the six-person crew plus a separate captain’s cabin. The Wider 130 super yacht is an upgraded model based on the Wider 125 that was released during 2015. It joins the Wider series that also includes the Wider 150 and the Wider 165. The yachts in this series range in price from 25 to 30 million Euros. A custom-made, new-build is possible with a wide selection of designer features to choose from.

5. Style

This yacht has a sporty design with an amazing waterside beach club at the back that is perfect for getting a sun tan or for taking a swim in the ocean. This area can be opened when the yacht is stationary and closed when the yacht is in motion. There is also a terrific open area sky deck for lounging on the main floor and a dining room that can either be opened to let in the cool ocean breeze or closed if desired.

4. Spacious

The Wider 130 has 200 square meters of deck space divided into three areas, the foredeck, which is perfect for sunbathing, the bridge deck for entertaining and fine dining, and the open beach club at water level.

It has beautiful interior accouterments with a marvelous and spacious grand salon area that looks like it was transplanted from a luxury New York penthouse. These yachts do not have cramped, dark places that are found below deck on some yachts. The sunlight pours in from every angle making the rooms brilliantly illuminated. The master bedroom has a huge king-size bed, attractive wood paneling. and everything is finished in restful complimentary colors with a soft tone. The working area desk in the bedroom has a long panel window and plenty of space to spread out papers or use a computer. There is a comfortable seating area for enjoying a conversation with someone while sipping champagne.

3. Expansive Ocean Views

Huge pane glass windows add to the feeling of openness as well as provide spectacular ocean views. The cabin layout gives everyone spectacular ocean views. There are comfortable salons to enjoy and a sky lounge, which is an indoor/outdoor area with a panoramic view. The guest areas are spacious and gently flow from one to the other. Well-designed passage ways allow the crew and support staff to discreetly travel from one area of the yacht to another and work efficiently when taking care of the guests.

2. Speed and Range

Two turbo propellers driven by a diesel-electric propulsion system give the yacht a maximum cruising speed of 14 knots. It can travel about 2,000 nautical miles at top speed. When running at the more fuel-efficient speed of 8 knots, this extends the range to 4,200 nautical miles. The fuel tank holds 40,000 liters (10,567 U.S. gallons). A freshwater tank holds 5,000 liters (2,642 U.S. Gallons). When it is fully loaded it weighs in at approximately 360 gross tons.

1. Technical Specifications

The Wider 130 is a RINA – LY3 compliance, Comfort Class Notation yacht. The hull is made from welded aluminum alloy in the category of Aluminum 5083. Its length is 40.78 meters (133 feet, 9 inches) and its beam is 8.40 meters (27 feet, 7 inches). With a full load, its draft is two meters (6 feet, 7 inches). Fully laden displacement is 307 tons. In addition to the diesel engine, there are two electric motors. Each electric motor provides 440 kilowatts of power directly to the drive train. A 1,000-kilowatt generator set is used to recharge the batteries. The battery packs deliver 272 kilowatts of power per hour. Advanced navigation equipment includes geo-positioning, radar, sonar, and satellite communications.


For its size, the Wider 130 is a beautiful yacht. Its interior layout makes it seem very spacious. With a two-meter draft, it can enter almost any ocean port at the luxury resorts and approach islands without the same risk of running aground on submerged sand bars that can be a problem with larger yachts. Its range is quite impressive, which allows it to easily travel from one port of call to another. It is capable, when running at a fuel-efficient speed, to traverse from ports in Italy across the Atlantic Ocean to arrive at ports in New York, or Miami.