It seems that pole dancing went rather mainstream when soccer moms began talking about it. And no doubt you remember when Miley Cyrus gave it a go in 2009 at the Teen Choice Awards. Since then, the activity continues to seduce women, and men, alike. So, who are the latest celebrities to take to the pole?

1. Emma Watson

It’s been rumored that the actress has taken up pole dancing to learn to dance like a stripper for her role in The Bling Ring. Although she doubted she would enjoy it, sources say she is amazed at the results and how toned her body has become. In fact, Emma admits that learning to pole dance was more physically taxing as opposed to emotionally (about performing some saucy choreography).

The well-known actress who played loveable Hermione in the popular Harry Potter movies transformed herself into a sex-bomb for Bling Ring, a somewhat disturbing tale of privilege, burglary, and celebrity. The movie made it to the Cannes film Festival and tells the story of a gang of teenagers who prey on the Hollywood homes of (fellow pole dancer) Paris Hilton), Orlando Bloom, and the like.

The gang is dubbed the Bling Ring by the media and are eventually captured. Emma Watson plays Nicki, a home-schooled, fame-hungry rich kid who happens to have quite a knack for pole dancing. She couldn’t be anything less like Hermione!