Society is always looking for ways to advance on something that is damn near perfect; and what kind of people would we be if we were not always trying to better ourselves? However, some things just should not be messed with and one of those things is alcohol, more specifically trying to find new ways to get drunk and disorderly. Sometimes it is out of sheer desperation (like addiction), looking for a good time, not being able to afford the real stuff or the usual not being able to purchase the real stuff due to being underage. There have been several new developments that help people to quit smoking, kick their drug habit and ultimately work at being a better, healthier human being. Unfortunately, most people do not see alcohol as a crutch and granted most people are not addicts and do not have a drinking problem, so chances that they have looked for unsafe and toxic ways to get their fix is slim to none. That being said, there are people who will stop at no cost to ingest the sweet, sweet intoxicating nectar that is alcohol. Some of the things on this list will shock you. It is hard to believe that in a world full of warning labels galore, PSA ads that run like horror films, and social media pages that are right there to give you up to the cops (or worse your parents), that you would still try or regularly use some of these substitutes to get drunk. Who out there has used any one of these substance or others to get that feeling of intoxication?

10. Cough Syrup/Cold Meds

After scavenging through the many Facebook pages belonging to teenagers, it is clear to see that cough syrup is being used to get drunk. Okay, so maybe there is a bit of an exaggeration there, we did not Facebook stalk; however, we did do our research and it is plain to see that cough syrup is one of the ways people are using to get a quick buzz on. Apparently Nyquil is not only putting you to sleep but once you build up a tolerance, it is getting you drunk off your butt. Unfortunately, people are choosing to ignore many deaths that have come from drinking cough syrup or even bursting the liquid gels open and letting them soak in a cup of juice till they have brewed to “perfection”.

9. Mouthwash

Mouthwash is one of the easier and more dangerous ways of getting drunk; this is normally a last resort for the obvious reasons (it burns going down, it burns coming up, it tastes horrible and it can kill you because it was never meant to be swallowed). Most brands of mouthwash contain large amounts of alcohol and you can find it at any drug store, grocery store, corner store (basically everywhere). They come in all sizes and is extremely toxic because it uses methyl alcohol. There was a whole intervention episode on an alcoholic that was so far gone she would drink mouthwash when she could not get real alcohol. The ingestion of mouthwash can lead to organ failure.

8. Hand Sanitizer

In September 2015, CNN reported a case that involved a child ingesting a few squirts of sanitizer and when she arrived at the hospital, it was enough to give her a slurred speech and the inability to walk straight. Is that really all it takes, a few squirts? Maybe we should consider taking sanitizers out of schools. Since 2010 there has been a significant increase in calls to poison control by parents claiming their child was willingly ingesting hand sanitizer. Is no one afraid of death anymore? What about respecting your body? It is not as if sanitizer even feels good on your hands (you know that burning, cold after affect). Our youth must be confused because places like Bath and Body Works like to jazz everything up with a fruity, appealing smell.

7. Snorting Paint Thinner

Nothing about this sounds appealing, so why would anyone do it? Apparently snorting or directly inhaling paint thinner can give you a long-term drunk feeling. You slur your words, you become dizzy, hostile, and in some cases lose consciousness. Paint thinner is a chemical solvent that is harsh enough to dissolve the toughest paints and lacquers and it is cheaper and easier to access than alcohol, but really, how can you not choke while inhaling something so strong? Imagine what your organs look like after a few tries at that mess. It ultimately can cause breathing problems, irregular heartbeat, nausea, fatigue, headaches, and the list goes on and on.

6. Inhaling Glue

When did glue become a multi use product? What happened to arts and crafts? Why would you ever want to inhale glue, it does not even have a nice smell? Like every other inhalant, glue depresses the nervous system and slows everything down; your reaction is slow and because you are inhaling it, it hits the bloodstream quicker and the affects are almost immediate. Those immediate effects include a euphoric high, dizziness, loss of coordination and everything else associated with getting drunk. Your inhibitions go out the door and you are left with a night of bad decisions and a wickedly annoying hangover; you might as well just drink alcohol.

5. Drinking Polish Remover

Do you ever notice those little warnings signs on nail polish remover bottles that encourage people to not drink the contents in the package? Well, apparently that only truly affects children, whereas polish remover in small amounts for adults does not have that much of an affect. According to the US National Library of Medicine, there is no downside to drinking polish remover in small sips if you are an adult, so why not live it up? It definitely has side affects but if you pace yourself, you can get that beloved drunk feeling and suffer only a few consequences the following day (like a burning in your abdomen, un-coordination, a coma you know, small stuff).

4. Huffing Gasoline

Huffing gasoline is something people have been doing for decades; it is a cheap way to get that cloud nine feeling and it is as easy as walking up to a gas pump and soaking a paper bag in your favorite petroleum. Of course, this act is usually associated with poverty. Gasoline is actually one of the most addictive smells out there and it leads to a pseudo intoxication that has your body in a most relaxed state. It can be followed by numbness, disorientation, hallucinations and even an increased libido. This is a really popular way of getting drunk and it is more common than most realize.

3. Fermented Food/Drinks

Now it has been stated by scientists who have studied this topic to death that fermented foods and drinks do not have the ability to get you drunk, but warning labels do not lie. When you buy a bottle of Kommbucha it states that you should not over consume and although the alcohol content is low (like a cooler low), if you drink enough or if you are a lightweight, chances are you will get a slight buzz. If you are ambitious and make your own at home, watch out because you probably are not making it correctly and it will have way more fermentation than you anticipated. Fermented drinks and foods are even strong enough to get an animal drunk.

2. Auto Brewery Syndrome

Can you imagine your own body turning on you? There is a disease called auto brewery syndrome that ferments food you digest into alcohol, thus leaving you with a feeling of intoxication. It is a super rare syndrome and not everyone is lucky (or unlucky) enough to experience it. According to the International Journal of Clinical Medicine, only a few cases have been reported in the last few decades. Symptoms include an insanely high blood alcohol level, getting pulled over for driving drunk, slurred speech, and a constant need for sleep. The good thing about this condition (besides the self drunkenness) is that it can easily be treated with anti-fungal medication.

1. Breathable Cocktails

A club in London is offering a unique experience; it is quickly being dubbed the cocktail bar where you get drunk without drinking. The club offers vaporized drinks that allow you to inhale through your lungs and eyeballs (do you think that is painful?). The club is conveniently called Alcoholic Architecture, and allows you to inhale cocktails of several varieties; fruity, sweets, spirits and mixtures, without having to lift a cup to your mouth and be bothered with swallowing (it is such a time consuming task after all). The only downside is that the club gets so misty that you can barely see in front of you, or maybe that is just the effect of the vaporized alcohol.